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This quick tour will guide you through RT500 Enterprise's powerful sales data, reporting, charts and analytics features (with pictures) to show you how to monitor competitors' sales and learn from their marketing strategies. Perfect for Amazon sellers and FBA merchants.

  1. 1. Analytics Overview

  2. 2. Tracking New Products

  3. 3. Product Overview

  4. 4. Comparison Groups

  5. 5. Charts

1. Analytics Overview

When you first create an account, you'll be taken to the analytics workstation page that looks something like this:

Analytics workstation overview

You can always get back to this page by clicking Analytics in the main menu:

Analytics workstation overview - Analytics menu item

By default the analytics menu (circled below) defaults to the manage tab that provides options for an overview of all the items you are tracking, the track new products dialog, and advanced charts and comparison groups (we'll get to those in a moment):

Analytics workstation overview - Manage analytics tab

But you can change this to view account information, or even set weekly and monthly PDF reports (by clicking the reports tab):

Analytics workstation overview - Set monthly and weekyl sales reports

2. Tracking New Products

Initially, we need to know what products you want us to track, so using the available dialog you can search for products to add using keywords or an ASIN:

Tracking new products - searching for products

Browse the results to find the items you want to track, and click Add to cart. You'll see a confirmation that the item has been added:

Tracking new products - add to cart

Be aware that not every item is available to track. In rare cases, Amazon does not return a sales rank. This situation is often temporary so we return the result, but with a warning not to add it to your cart:

Tracking new products - do not add to cart

Once you have added all the items you intend to track, activate the subscriptions by clicking Activate subscriptions in the cart:

Tracking new products - activated subscriptions

3. Product Overview

With new products being tracked, the overview page now shows all your active subscriptions. Each products gets a wealth of data including statistics about sales ranks, sales estimate data, social sharing buttons (for example, to promote your own products when they sell well), and much more. Simply click the More link to show this data:

Product overview

For example, you might want to quickly access all the reviews for a particular product. Click the Reviews button to bring up a popup with that product's review data:

Product overview - view product reviews

You are also able to set up sales rank alerts to notify you when a product experiences a surge (or slump) in sales using the Sales Rank Alert Boundaries dialog. The same applies to setting price alerts:

Product overview - set sales rank alerts

The overview also comes with a range of Quick Charts that offer sales rank charts and estimates over the last day, week, month, or entire tracked history:

Product overview - view quick sales charts

Remember that initially we have no data to display in the overview so you won't be able to build quick charts or see sales analytics. It can take an hour or two for new data to appear, thereafter we update it on the hour every hour.

4. Comparison Groups

Since our Enterprise accounts come with the ability to track up to 200 items at any one time, it makes sense to group similar products together, in order to work with them without having the screen cluttered with other subscriptions. Comparison groups are perfect for handling this and are easy to create (click on Groups) by clicking Create a Group and selecting which items to add:

Comparison groups - create a group

You can create as many groups as you like, and these become available to view separately using the display tab:

Comparison groups - display a list of all groups

Once you have selected a group, click Show and the overview will now filter the items to only those that are part of that particular group (as shown in the display tab):

Comparison groups - view a group

5. Charts

With comparison groups at your disposal, creating advanced charts becomes very easy because grouped products are available to chart together. Advanced charting is available under the Advanced Charts menu item, and you can then choose the Chart Groups option:

Charts - creating a group sales chart

Once you're ready, click Build Chart and all the items will be charted together, along with their sales rank averages and estimates for that period:

Charts - viewing a group chart

So that's the end of our quick tour. Hopefully, you'll agree that the combination of features and sales analytics makes RT500 Enterprise and absolutely invaluable resource/tool for anyone needing Amazon sales data and insights.

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