This is Our Story

Our Mission

We strive to provide a cost-effective, unique and powerful tracking and analysis service that provides timely and valuable sales related information to help business buyers from a diverse range of backgrounds succeed.

In addition, we also provide free tools, information and software to help research and learn about products sold on Amazon.

Our History

RT500 began, in 2006, as a small PHP script that gathered product sales information on an hourly basis. Within a few months, a basic service was released to the public. By the end of 2007, RT500 had a built in sales estimation engine, a reporting service as well as several free tools for researching product information on Amazon.

After a redesign of the user interface in 2008, along with the addition of several powerful new features, RT500 began to attract a small community of regular clients. With a burgeoning community came new suggestions and feature requests and the pace of development and refinement of the service quickened.

By early 2009, RT500 was attracting as many new customers in a month as it did in all of its first year of operation. A community network service for members was added along with a suite of free tracking and promotion widgets.

By 2014, with a growing base of corporate clients, RT500 decided to upgrade their offering to the current Enterprise format. RT500 Enterprise offers flexibility and power in analyzing larger volumes of products using a flat fee structure.

In addition, the enterprise version also has new features and functionality to bring power and insight to its business customers.