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Unbeatable Insights

Know When to Buy. Know How to Sell.

We offer great retail market research for anyone wanting to understand more about product niches.

React Quickly

Hourly data means you can react quickly to new deals faster than anyone else.

Know When & Why

Track a range of related products to understand when and how much they're selling, and why.

Find Great Deals

Gain insights into which products are popular and represent great value for money.

Source Better Products

See first hand which products are selling better before you decide to buy them.

Better Business Intelligence

Research a range of different products before deciding where to spend.

Unbeatable Market Research

Why guess which products are selling well when you can know for sure?

What We Offer

Awesome Features Come Standard

Interactive Charts

Create attractive, responsive and interactive charts that can easily be converted into PNG for inclusion into your own sales research & reports.


Quickly access the latest customer reviews to ensure other buyers are happy with their purchases before you buy.

All Product Types

Monitor any type of product. While there are occasionally items for which there is no data, these cases are rare.

Hourly Data

We collect new data on the hour every hour from the time you begin tracking the item.

Online Research

Combine our insights with real-world data from Google and social media to really get a feel for which products are worth purchasing.

Sales Estimates

See accurate sales estimates including a range of stats and data analysis on all tracked items.

Comparison Groups & Charts

Create smaller groups of related items and chart these together to quickly compare their sales performance.

Social Sharing

Easily share data for any tracked item at the click of a button. Bragging rights & marketing, backed up by hard data.

Live Product Data

See live product data, including images, pricing & reviews as well as mentions from the Web (i.e. news, social media, etc).

Accurate Data. Updated Hourly. From Only $5 Per Month.

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